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About Us


and its development is an identity verification provider that helps companies bravely face and solve their digital identity challenges and issues. We are focused on a customer-centric, privacy-oriented approach along with top-notch compliance and the highest conversion rate. We offer customized solutions for the fast and secure onboarding process, and implementation of document and identity verification services into your web and mobile products.

While registered in Estonia, has an RnD in Ukraine with an office in UnitCity that has become our second home.

Currently, our team of identity verification enthusiasts consists of 17 professionals, including our CEO and CTO. However, any number won’t limit us as we plan to grow significantly.

We were recognized as the best Fintech startup in Ukraine by Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies.


Our story

The path of has started when our team was working on the consumer fintech mobile application. Having tons of conversations with banks and fintech enterprises on our project, we suddenly realized that there’s a much global issue on the market. That’s when the idea emerged.

Traditional banks and other financial institutions onboard their clients while providing financial services by offline branches. However, offline solutions are no longer an option due to recent events. While top banks and neobanks with armies of developers started thinking about their own solution, others began to lose their customers. So right after we’ve realized it, we immediately pivot it and start working on the solution for everybody. And this is what we’ve done.

An was developed according to the fundamental needs, demands, and requirements for the convenient and efficient KYC verification process.

As we’ve “walked a mile in these shoes,” our product remains the powerful tool for improvement of the conversion rates, customers’ onboarding, data security, and placement on the banks’ servers.


Get familiar with our key team members.

Denys Galenko
Denys Galenko

CEO, co-founder

Olena Romaniuk
Olena Romaniuk

Product Owner

Viktor Plotnikov
Viktor Plotnikov

CTO, co-founder

Accelerators and incubators

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