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Online banking Identity Verification

Industries / Banking

Finance does its best to provide the most convenient, efficient, and cost-saving solutions:

  • Fast and simple onboarding process

  • Trustworthy data storage,

  • Elimination of identity fraud in the Banking industry

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Onboarding in the blink of an eye

Hard-to-manage and time-consuming onboarding process might step in the way of customer satisfaction. Leave these issues behind with the productive solutions.

Implementation of ML OCR helps us speed up the new account onboarding significantly by recognizing the data and automation of its entry for the customer. Use a chance to eliminate annoying manual data entry and unnecessary paperwork with the latest technologies.

Meeting top-notch KYC criteria suggests a high rate of compliance with requirements.

Moreover, we practice a risk-based approach created right for your business to meet the senior level of KYC for banks. Our job is to find the appropriate balance between the safety and convenience of risks suitable for your industry.

Secured and anonymous personal data storage

The worries related to the leakage and improper usage of customer’s personal data are in the past. provides a range of services on end-user devices. These services can be transmitted to clients on their servers.

  • Document Verification

  • 3D Liveness Detection

  • Face Verification

  • RFID reading

The answer is pretty simple. doesn’t have an access to personal data that means complete anonymity. Moreover, a customer (a bank, for instance), can decide whether to store personal data on the cloud services or on their own server.


Eliminate identity fraud with a strong identity verification

The importance of a customer identification program for banks is indisputable as it helps to identify the right customer and recognize the fraud. stays on the guard of the safety and trustworthiness of your business by the implementation of the following services:

Bank mobile identity verification

has never been so simple. A secure 2fa procedure suggests a much stronger level of verification than the typical password or SMS. Just look at the camera and confirm your action or payment.


The customer will get an instant notification

in case someone tries to use his stolen biometric document with a pasted photo within our service. This recognition is possible as we read data from the visual part of the document, RFID, MRZ, and compare them with each other.