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Marketplaces Identity Verification

Industries / Marketplaces and communities

Travel shares the opinion about the raising and undoubted popularity of e-commerce marketplaces and sharing economy communities.

With the variety of options on the market, the value of perfect customer experience, and trustworthy transactions are what it takes to conquer the customers’ and users’ hearts. And definitely knows it.

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We are willing to provide your business with cost-saving, efficient, and reliable solutions related to the most important processes of these two industries:

registration and ordering for e-commerce marketplaces, and fraud prevention with onboarding for communities.


Document reader SDK along

with a Face SDK suggests great value for your business.

It improves the process of customer identification as part of KYC for online markets. Prepare to get the new, fast, trustworthy, safe, and secure service that will help you to attract and retent customers and users.

Let’s take a closer look at how can we strengthen your business:

Fast, simple, and cost-saving onboarding

The slow, complicated onboarding process in marketplaces can be a stepping stone for your business and potentially cost you thousands of lost customers and unearned profit. Our Document Reader SDK along with Face SDK can significantly improve the process of customer and merchant verification.

Another benefit is a time-saving one, as it helps to fill in the customer data and reduce human error. Implement the id authentication into your business with and watch it grow.

Detect and prevent fraud

The issue of credit card fraud, account takeovers, and the safety of the customers’ data is common both for marketplaces and communities. and its Document Reader SDK along with Face SDK can help your business to keep the important data secure, stop fake ID’s and eliminate fraud.

The process is similar to patient identity verification and can be implemented with our liveness, face matching, and document verification services. Strengthen your business and security with

Meeting top-notch KYC criteria suggests a high rate of compliance with kyc online communities requirements. We practice a risk-based approach created specifically for your business to meet the senior level of KYC trading. All it takes is to find the balance between the safety and convenience of risks suitable for your industry.