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Authenticity Controls

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Document Authenticity Control

2Factor Authentication

Get your customers onboarded. Eliminate the fraud with

Document authenticity control is irreplaceable and one of the most crucial parts of the automated onboarding of customers and prevention of fraud. A wide range of businesses, niches, and industries like Banking, Finance, Travel, Mobility suggest the usage of remote digital onboarding to have greater coverage of countries, locations, and demographics.


Identity verification is not enough to verify the real personality of the customer

It’s more than necessary to see the authenticity of a submitted identity document. Unfortunately, making a photo with your cellphone is not enough to get 100 percent protection from identity fraud and get ensured that the document is real.
Our Document Reader SDKis powered with an OCR technology that provides the senior level of Document Verification and Identity Verification from any convenient device in a flash. It’s an efficient way to verify the personality of your customers while preventing fraudulent activity.

The document authenticity control along with Face Verification from is a trustworthy way to ensure that the person showing his ID is really who he claims to be. The process of verification is easy and can be done with any convenient device as a scan. The SDK mechanism automatically does all the job. Our SDK is compatible with all kinds of platforms and devices from smartphones to tablets, and PCs.

Face SDK from can be used as an efficient way to verify the real identity of the person. It uses the 3D Liveness Detection and Face Verification features to achieve the highest verification result.


Data verification

Cross-check and verify all data read from the document and perform lexical analysis.

Identity document authentication

Check visible security features in an ID document in order to decide whether it is genuine and valid.

Electronic Document Authentication

Read data from RFID chips built-in electronic documents (ePassport, eID, and eDL) via NFC and perform all required authentications (CA, AA, TA, PA). BSI certified.

Secure and convenient personal data storage

All data from services is stored on the side of a business. There’s no risk of leakage and improper usage of personal data as we don’t have an access to it. Your business can store personal data on cloud services or on your own server.

Optimized Onboarding

Document authenticity control from will make the onboarding process of your valuable customers safe, secure, fast, and convenient. All-in-one workspace solutions are easily and intuitively navigated by operators. This significantly simplifies the data collection and processing. Moreover, it gives access to statistics and analytics without any restrictions.