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3D Facial Liveness Detection for Face Recognition

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3D Liveness Detection

On-premises or on cloud

Protect your business with 3D Liveness Detection

Most businesses all around the world are expanding their online presence globally. Unfortunately, with the rapid growth and development of their services, the risk of online and wide-range of cyber fraud has significantly increased.


Are you in search of a reliable and trustworthy partner that will provide face liveness verification for your business?

If your business is in need of secure, fast, and reliable liveness verification, is happy to provide you with our technological solutions.

Our id verification liveness check allows your business to grow, verify your precious customers, onboard them in a flash, improve the conversion rates with a simple selfie. Our tech services strictly follow all KYC requirements.

Fraud Prevention

Liveness verification is a perfect addition to the identity verification and document verification process. Simply verifying the person’s ID and combining it with the Add helps us to prevent your business from fraud and suspicious users. Make sure that the user is really present while making the onboarding or going through the verification process.


Customizable and time-saving

Our Face SDK is a powerful tool that is highly customizable. It can be easily implemented in all types of businesses and their processes. You can easily choose what service to apply, whether it’s a Face Verification, 3D liveness detection, or both! Moreover, it’s a time and cost-saving solution that will eliminate the manual processes and save time for your team.

Easy and fast

For the average user or client of your business, it won’t take longer than a few seconds to get verified with All it takes is a simple selfie! Available at all ranges of devices, our face liveness verification will combat cyber fraud and defend your business.

No chance for cybercriminals has created a technological mechanism that makes impossible the usage of a stolen document. While taking a selfie, two face images are captured and carefully checked for biometric changes and naturality. With that, you can be sure that your customer is who he really claims to be.