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Verification of cloud security

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On-premises or on cloud

Identity Verification

Verify your customers and store precious data on-premises or on a cloud.

Get your data stored and protected with


The importance of data storage for a wide range of businesses and industries
is undoubted

With the worldwide growth and development of technologies, businesses are trying to adapt to the senior level demands, requirements, and needs.

Data storage is no exception. For instance, according to regulatory compliance, banks don’t have permission to store their data on the clouds.

We are happy to offer an alternative for the Fintech and Banking industries.

Unfortunately, while the technological solutions evolve so does the fraudulent activity and the tricks they apply.


The data storage needs to meet the primary security requirements and technology complies to ensure cyber fraud detection and prevention.

Identity verification and other services like Face Verification, Document Verification are essential parts of the KYC process that stays on the guard of your business.

Data storage on-premises or on the cloud from was developed specifically to protect your company from cyber fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and data leakage while suggesting a chance to choose where to store your precious data. suggests two options for raising the bar of your company security.

Cloud and on-premise services.


Allows your company to verify and store your customers’ data on your own server. All kinds of access to your customers’ data by third parties are impossible as even doesn’t have an access to it.

The on-premise feature is the guarantee of a fast, secure, convenient onboarding process for your business. Leave no chance to cyber crimes and fraudulent activity with

On cloud services

Cloud service is used by businesses as remote servers for real-time customer onboarding. Also, it is used as a storage for customers’ verification data. The on-cloud services are securely protected by the highest level encryption and firewalls.

image-description meets the GDPR standards for data protection. The multiple benefits of Cloud Service by are:

  • regular backup

  • collaborative environment

  • trustworthy data storage

  • cost-efficiency

Use the feature that works best for your business or industry and grow with!