common:CRYPTO boosts the process of customer’s online acquisition with its fintech solutions

The most cost and time-saving identity verification solutions from will undoubtedly impact the onboarding process of new accounts and prevent unnecessary identity fraud. Our technological solutions are specially customized for the Finance industry and meet the highest level of standards in finance.

finance-intro implements the onboarding and compliance solutions for the fintech, credit organizations, financial institutions, and insurance industry.

We’ve done our best to automate the fintech know your customer process that positively affects the experience of your clients, saves time for onboarding, and, above all, prevent or even eliminate the cases of fraud, money-laundering, and corruption in financial institutions.

There’s no need to worry about the time-consuming, and hardly managed onboarding process for the new accounts anymore.

Let’s take a closer look at identity verification tools in kyc fintech solutions from

The fast, simple onboarding process

Speed up your business with a fast onboarding process. Our solutions with ML, OCR help to recognize the data and automate its entry for the customer.


The comprehensive onboarding process

This technological approach significantly boosts the onboarding process of the new account and avoids unnecessary manual data entry and paperwork.

KYC automation

Allpass. ai is on the duty of your business’s safety. Identify your customers in the blink of an eye and prevent all types of fraudulent activity.

instant notification

The customer will get an instant notification in case someone tries to use his stolen biometric document with a pasted photo within our service.

This recognition is possible as we read data from the visual part of the document, RFID, MRZ, and compare them with each other.

Safe, secure, and anonymous personal data storage provides you with the whole range of services on end-user devices.

  • Document Verification

  • 3D Liveness Detection

  • Face Verification

  • RFID reading

What does it mean for you? This approach eliminates the leakage and improper usage of personal data as we simply don’t have an access to it.

Also, our client (for instance, the insurance company, credit organization, or any other financial institution), can store personal data on the cloud services or on their own server. We leave the decision upon them.