The travel industry has been significantly impacted by the recent global landscape.

However, with the reopening of the travel niche and easing of the restriction, new safer and flexible standards have stepped into the game. So, what does this mean?


The business needs to be flexible and highly adaptable to new requirements and changes in the travel industry. That’s why will be your credible, trustworthy, and cost-saving partner while traveling to the new technological era of your business. We make it possible while implementing the latest travel identity verification services into the business processes.

Our Document Reader DEAL and Face DEAL are the perfect solutions that will help you to successfully enter the new touchless and hygienic standards. With a deep OCR engine, our Document Reader DEAL can literally turn all types of mobile devices into a contactless ID scanner.

Document Reader SDK and Face SDK can deal with in-person check-in, online bookings, and remote check-in.

That allows your valuable customers to move safely and without any delays.

Automated Check-In

Our service suggests an opportunity to significantly simplify the check-in procedure and process of ticket identity verification. With the help of Document Reader SDK and Face SDK we suggest top-notch automation giving an opportunity to simplify check-in procedures and deliver a seamless customer experience. The reduction of expenses is at the senior level. Also, the speed of customer check-in allows you to increase customer satisfaction.

Automation of Data Entry

The travel industry has one of the highest levels of dropped online transactions. To overcome this issue, a faster, easier, and convenient checkout process becomes a necessity that can help you to retain prospective clients. With the help of our OCR technology, Data Entry automation will make registration faster, easier, and more secure.

Detection of fraudsters

The level of fraudulent activity and financial fraud in travel services is extremely high. Our Document Reader SDK and Face SDK are the perfect tools against crime. Our document verification is backed by the largest online global verification identity documents database that suggests instant and trustworthy travel id verification. Along with biometric liveness detection and face-matching, provides your travel business with the highest level of security.