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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Identity Verification

Industries / Crypto

Gaming & Betting is required for your business to adapt to a highly technological environment in order to attract and retent customers.

Any other industry can be compared to crypto in terms of a fast-paced environment, constantly changing technologies and emerging currencies.

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The financial industry demands from your business the senior level of adaptability, mobility, and requirements.

It’s extremely important for your customers to have an access to their funds wherever and whenever they are. The data safety should be on the senior level as well. We definitely know how to provide you with all of that.

Document Reader SDK

Document Reader SDK from is a wonderful solution for your business

to improve the interaction with your customers and implement the senior level of data security.

We suggest onboarding solutions for
KYC crypto

Here’s what we offer:


Optimization of the business processes

We do our best when it comes to saving your time and costs. helps to fight emerging industry issues like fraudulent activity with its SDK Document Reader and Face SDK. It allows your customers to go through the crypto identity verification process in any convenient way like a cellphone camera or laptop camera verification.

Our automated solutions help your business to perform customer due dilligence, remain compliant with requirements, and reduce fraud in kyc exchange industry.

Safe, secure, and anonymous personal data storage provides you with the whole range of services (e.g Document Authenticity Control, Liveness detection, Facematch, RFID reading) on enduser devices. By doing that we eliminate the leakage and improper usage of personal data as we simply don’t have an access to it. We allow you to choose whether to store personal data on the cloud services or on your own server. The decision is completely upon you.


We suggest the availability of our technological solutions both on the desktop and mobile versions. It gives an opportunity for your customers to go through a verification process in the blink of an eye, wherever they are and whenever they want.

Improvement of the conversion rates strives for the highest conversion rates possible. The constant tests of user experience help us to make the onboarding and verification process fast, simple, and convenient. For instance, the overall process of OTP (one time password) along with document scanning and liveness might take up to one minute. It allows your customers to open the account instantly without any limitations and pitfalls. This compilation of advantages suggests a higher conversion rate for your business.