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Gaming Identity Verification

Industries / Gaming & Betting

Mobility and sharing economy is a trustworthy partner that provides Instant Age and Identity verification checks for your gaming business.

We do our best to make the onboarding process, registration of new players, the verification of age and identity, fraud prevention along with other essential customer processes easy, fast, and efficient.

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It’s a pretty interesting observation, that

almost one of three accounts created by the

gaming customers are suspected

of fraudulent activity.

Therefore, suggests reliable kyc

solutions for online gaming that will help you

reliably protect your business.

So, what do we do? works on the improvement

of conversion rates, and protection of your

business against frauds and cybercriminals.

With the following solutions:

KYC for Identity Gaming

It’s unnecessary to mention that nowadays gambling and betting industry constantly evolves. So do the verification steps. However, the company doesn’t have to rely on traditional data anymore. That’s why provides your gaming business with modern technological KYC solutions for online gaming.

Age verification

We help to identify the real age of the gamer with age verification systems. It eliminates the unwanted users and allows the real ones. Don’t lose a chance to onboard a new generation of gamers with the automated document verification at your disposal.

Improvement of the Conversion Rates strives for the highest conversion rates possible. The constant tests of user experience help us to make the onboarding and verification process fast, simple, and convenient. This brilliant compilation of pros suggests a higher conversion rate for your gaming business.

Meet the KYC, PASPA & GDPR, and Other Global Gambling Regulations

Meet the KYC, PASPA & GDPR, and Other Global Gambling Regulations

If you’re in search of the betting kyc software, you’ve already found one. Allpass. ai works in accordance with the global gambling regulations and is compliant with the highest KYC requirements.


Optimization of Onboarding

Make the onboarding process of your valuable customers safe, secure, fast, and convenient with Don’t leave a chance for your competitors to poach the gamers because of mistakes, delays, or the complexity of the onboarding process.

We provide you with an all-in-one workspace solution that can be easily and intuitively navigated by operators. This significantly simplifies the management of orders and gives access to statistics and analytics without any restrictions.

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