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Mobility Identity Verification

Industries / Mobility and sharing economy

Marketplaces and communities

The growth of the transport industry is tremendous and is willing to provide your business with the most adaptive and technological solutions.

Whether it’s a car-sharing company that wants to keep their cars and drivers safe or car\scooter hire, we do our best to prevent and eliminate the chance of identity fraud, complicated workflow, outdated technologies, and auto theft.

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The main aim of our services is to suggest a top-notch level of customer experience by implementing the newest technologies into your business processes.

We provide the data collection and authentification, meeting the compliance requirements, boosting the customer workflow, and receiving much faster approval.

Our technological solutions allow mobility identity verification and data capture in a few simple steps that can be completed in a blink of an eye only.

Whenever you want and wherever you are. Make it via desktop, cell phone, or any convenient way.

These simple and safe steps ensure the highest level of security and customer\user experience when it comes to

  • Car rental (check in\out)

  • Car purchasing (test drive and loan)

  • Ride-sharing applications (both for drivers and users)

  • Fleet management


ID verification for sharing economy solutions is on the duty of your sharing business’s safety. Check our user verify solution, identify your customers in a flash and prevent all types of fraudulent activity. The highest level of identity verification is provided with the following services:

The customer will get an instant notification in case someone tries to use his stolen biomet ric document with a pasted photo within our service. This recognition is possible as we read data from the visual part of the document, RFID, MRZ, and compare them with each other.

3D Liveness Detection, Face verification, and Age verification helps your business to Create a Trusted Peer-to-Peer/Ride Sharing Community & Enable Instant Employee Verification for Car Ride/Taxi Services (as in identity gaming)

The fast, easy, and cost-saving onboarding process

Speed up your business with a fast onboarding process. Our ML and OCR solutions help to recognize the data and automate its entry for the customer. This technological approach significantly boosts the onboarding process of the new account and avoids unnecessary manual data entry and paperwork.