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Healthcare Identity Verification

Industries / Healthcare

Banking is your trustworthy partner when it comes to the patient identification process.

It’s essential to keep in mind that your clients are seeking help in their bad times, and it’s more than important to provide them with qualified and credible service, beneficial partnership, efficiency, and hope. strives to meet the highest requirements of your business.

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healthcare-intro suggesting safe, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

Here’s what we do:

Automated data entry

No more annoying and hard-to-manage manual data entry and paperwork. helps you to implement the Document Reader SDK into the process of filling the forms. We work with OCR that provides us with the patient identity verification and uses the extracted data to fill in the form automatically.

OCR can read literally all types of document sources like MRZ zones, barcodes, RFID chips, etc. Any type of human error is excluded as the data conversion is highly accurate.


Build-up your own know your patient

Face reader SDK and Document Reader SDK helps the business to differentiate the real customer from the fraud at any time and any place. Don’t hesitate to confront the newly emerged issues of the healthcare industry like prescription fraud.

The process of know your customer healthcare document authentication is as simple, fast, and obvious as it gets. The customer or patient takes a photo of them with a camera on a mobile or laptop and waits until our software verifies their identity. doesn’t store and receive any type of client data.

Fast, convenient, and automated onboarding helps your business to implement the cost-and time-saving solution for onboarding efficiency. Our automated onboarding will significantly minimize the level of your customer’s irritation and the workload of your staff. An all-in-one workspace solution can be easily and intuitively navigated by your operators and exclude unnecessary manual data entry and paperwork.

Highly customizable

Our technological solutions are highly customizable according to your business needs. Take your chance to create an efficient, cost-saving, and convenient platform for your patients and customers. All you need is to leave your inquiry and our representatives will immediately contact you to discuss the thoughts, expectations, ideas, and requirements related to your business.