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Document Verification Services

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Document Verification

Document authenticity control

Get your business protected from cyber fraud with

Our document verification process provides your business with fast, secure, and comprehensive customer onboarding while protecting it from fraudsters.


Improved onboarding with

Document authentication

significantly increases the productivity of your team, saves time for onboarding of new accounts, eliminates the manual and paperwork. Also, it significantly simplifies data processing and gives access to statistics and analytics without any limitations.

Fast identity document verification

allows you to speed up your business and recognize the data with our ML and OCR solutions. The data entry is automated as well. This technological approach significantly boosts the onboarding process of the new account and avoids unnecessary manual data entry and paperwork.

Photo scan for document verification uses the photo scan for document verification. It is a convenient, safe and secure way to onboard a new account or check the real identity of the user.

Verification of the government-issued documents


Verification of the government-issued documents verifies the most popular and widely-used types of documents. Our base includes more than 9,500 document templates from 246 countries/territories.

We’re specializing on

  • verification of passport

  • driving license verification

  • government ID cards

By using our innovative and technological solutions, your business will easily scale globally!

Document type identification

Automatically determines document issuing country, type, and series.

MRZ reading

Capture data from Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) of any Passport, ID, Visa, and other documents promptly and accurately.


Extracts data from any identity document. Extract text data from anywhere. Automatically


Easy and fast verification in three steps only

Step 1

Scan doc with OCR

Step 2

Pass liveness

Step 3

The result is verified and sent via API or back office

Prevents all types of fraud

Frauds constantly adapt to new technologies and innovations. So does We do our best to prevent and eliminate fraudulent activity in document authentication.

These are:

  • Counterfeit documents

  • Forged documents

  • Blank stolen documents

  • Compromised documents

  • Camouflage documents

  • Look-a-like documents