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Face Verification

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Face Verification

Document verification

Are you in search of a fast, secure, automated, and efficient solution to protect your business from fraud and unverified customers? definitely has something to offer.

Face verification is a convenient and protective option for your business against impersonation and stolen identities. Get your customer instantly verified within a few seconds, get your business carefully protected from identity thieves, and enhance your user experience with


All you need is
just selfie

The technology of face verification online helps to eliminate and prevent business fraud, account hijacking and significantly reduces the drop-off rate. The process of online verification is as simple as it gets. All it takes is a simple selfie and nothing more. Sounds easy, right?


With the face verification solution from, both customers and managers of your company get an easy and comprehensive onboarding, protection of data, and evolved user experience.


Our face match software suggests the following process:

  • The end-user needs to upload the photo of an ID document issued by the government

  • Right after this, the system offers to make a selfie via smartphone or desktop

  • Then we match the selfie of the user with the photo on the ID document with the help of AI mechanisms and the Face Match option (suitable for merchant verification)

  • That’s it, the verification results are already delivered to your back office!

Get your business protected and eliminate fraudulent activity with With us you will benefit from the following advantages:

Simplification of the verification process

We’ll make your customers forget about the old-fashioned passwords required for account access. Face verification online protects your business against cyber fraud, all types of account takeover, intermediaries, and replay attacks.

Improvement of the conversion rates

Face verification can be easily implemented into your processes. The constant tests of user experience help us to make the onboarding and verification process fast, simple, and convenient. This brilliant compilation of pros suggests a higher conversion rate for your business.

Data storage

The whole range of our services (e.g Document Verification, 3D Liveness Detection, Face Verification, RFID reading)is processed on end-user devices and stored on the cloud or server of our customer. It eliminates the leakage and improper usage of personal data as we simply don’t have an access to it. You can store personal data on the face recognition cloud services or on your own server. It’s up to you.