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Identity Verification - KYC

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Identity Verification

Face Verification

Powerful, efficient, and cost-saving Identity Verification (CIP) service from 
at your disposal

Identity verification as a part of KYC procedure is one of the key processes that defines the success, growth, and development of the business. With the fact that most of the businesses and even industries have gone online and started working desperately on their online presence, brand reputation, and identity, the importance of id authentication has become obvious.


Meeting Know Your Customer requirements

This is an essential thing for every business if they want to grow globally. And knows how to fulfill these requirements while achieving the highest level of security and fraud prevention.


It’s important to always keep in mind that your customer (both potential and real) is located 
in another region, city, country, and even overseas, which explains the necessity of online identity verification implemented into the business processes.

Despite the efficiency and necessity of a powerful identity verification as a part of kyc check, it is considered a time-consuming and money-wasting process for various businesses.


Customizing Identity Checking and Customer Identification Program (CIP) for your specific business needs

Document Reader SDK and Face SDK from is a wonderful choice to customize KYC to meet your business needs, make it much more efficient. Moreover, it helps you to free time that is usually spent on manual processes on something more value-adding. Customer Identification Program makes kyc service easy to operate with, helps to verify new customers, and keeps up your regular customer due diligence.

Efficient onboarding

Allpass. ai eliminates all your worries related to the time-consuming, and hardly managed onboarding process for the new accounts.

Created for a perfect customer experience knows how to scale your business as it suggests a convenient, and efficient all-in-one solution for your customers. Get your onboarding process fast, data safely protected and fraud prevented.

Increased security

Allpass. ai is on the duty of your business’s safety. Identify your customers in the blink of an eye and prevent all types of fraudulent activity.

The highest level of identity verification is provided with the following services:

You (as a business) will get an instant notification 
in case someone tries to use the stolen biometric document of your customer with a pasted photo within our service. The message will be sent via customer profile. This recognition is possible as we read data from the visual part of the document, RFID, MRZ, and compare them with each other.

With the identity verification solution from, you shouldn’t be afraid of data loss and leakage. Our services (e.g Document Verification, 3D Liveness Detection, Face Verification, RFID reading) are processed on end-user devices. This approach eliminates the improper usage of personal data as we simply don’t have an access to it.